I don’t know what could of possessed me. The street was lined with people waiting to enter some nightclub. There was jostling, shouting and laughing. The colours, the shapes and sounds sent me into a blur and I began to feel dizzy. The ground seemed to be taunting me as I staggered towards the bustle. The dizziness overwhelmed me and I could see the earth hurtling towards me. With a thud, my head struck the floor and splashes of blood shot into the air. Voices surrounded me asking if I was ok. I struggled to my feet and staggered along the street like some drunk after a night of shots and Tequilas. As I wandered aimlessly, the voices faded into the distance.

Some time later, I came upon a young couple. He was slightly taller than her. She was wearing one of those shabby chic wooly jackets with ripped stockings, him with stonewashed jeans and three day old stubble. Chewing on a cocktail stick, looking at the ground muttering something in Spanish. I quickly tried to rush past unnoticed, but she beckoned me for a light of her cigarette and I quietly declined. The man asked where I was from. He seemed angry and his lips curled as he grimaced in my direction.

Now in a lonely street with no exit, high walls surrounding me, there was nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. A glint of steel lit up from the reflection of a streetlight and shock followed by terror with unrequited requests for mercy, for help.

By Darren

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